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Youtube Downloader for windows 10. Download 1000's of movies and videos in one go, and keep them forever with EasyYouTube Downloader.

Designed and built for all versions of Windows, and developed for the latest build of Windows 10 OS, EasyYouTube downloader will run on windows 7,8 and 10. The fastest YouTube downloader available. Download 1000's of movies from YouTube and keep them . 100% free of virus and malware.

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Everyone one wants to save YouTube movies?

Everybody downloads movies these days. However its how you download the movies that can make all the difference as some youtube downloaders can make it difficult. EasyYouTube makes it easy. Adverts, not a problem. EasyYouTube downloads without adverts. Dropout on slow connection a problem, not with EasyYouTube as it takes into account of your connection and adjusts to suit the speed..

Full Features of EasyYouTubeDownloader.

EasyYouTube has been designed as a multi-downloader from scratch. It comes with integrated search facilities built in. No need to actually go on to YouTube to search for movies. Use the built in search, and search directly within EasyYouTube. Additional filtering can then be used to pick out 100's of movies which you want to download. Search for movies while you have the time, add them to the list, and then let EasyYouTube download while you're away from the computer.

Of course you can still add a single link from youtube itself for ease of use.

EasyYouTube is built with filtering in mind. Popular videos can be filtered by views,text, and by duration. Its possible to filter and download an entire series of movies with EasyYouTube.

Download and save complete YouTube Playlists.

File format is MP4 as this format comes naturally from YouTube with HD720p. No conversion is needed, so this makes EasyYouTube is extremely quick. When the download is complete, play it straight away, no need to wait.

EasyYouTube Downloader is free to try, give it a go.

EasyYouTube Downloader is not a free product. No virus's, no malware, no adverts, no adding to your taskbar apps you didn't want in the 1st place. Ever wondered why free YouTube downloaders are free?? EasyYouTube is free to download and try. Give it a go!

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